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AniMot: System to prevent collisions between wildlife and vehicles

The road section “Underer Gibel” on the connecting road from Schwyz to Muotathal is considered a high-risk section for collisions with red deer. In winter 2021/22, electronic game detectors of the type “AniMot” were installed. The device detects animals near the road with a passive infrared sensors and warn vehicle driver of the existing danger by flashing orange LEDs at the roadside.

AniMot device detects wildlife near the road and flashes to warn drivers.

Additional information boards inform drivers about the meaning of flashing.

The application of the prevention method is scientifically accompanied by WLS.CH. For this purpose, wild animals in the road area are systematically recorded with video cameras and high-risk situations are documented. The findings allow statements to be made on the effectiveness of the AniMot system and enable the site-specific optimisation of the measures and the identification of any further need for action. In addition, the findings also form the basis for the transfer of knowledge for prevention measures at other endangered sites.

As soon as red deer are near the roadway in the dark, the AniMot cogs start flashing, alerting vehicle drivers to the danger and reducing their speed.

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