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Acoustic wolf monitoring

Wolves communicate olfactorically and acoustically within the pack and with the packs of the surrounding area. Depending on topography and wind, wolf howling can be heard over large distances. Wolves howl at the borders as well as in core areas of their territory. High quality recordings not only allow the detection of a wolf pack but also but also to detect pups (reproduction), the determination of the number of wolves present, identification of individuals, actual reprodutcion and information on activity and spatial use of their habitat.



Flat howling (Canis lupus)


Modulated howling (Canis lupus)


Single howl with echo (Canis lupus)


Two wolves (Canis lupus)


Chorus howling with three adults and several pups (Canis lupus)


Chorus howling with many pups (Canis lupus)


Chorus howling with at least five individuals (Canis lupus)

TV report on 3sat NANO from 17.04.2019


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